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Sasan Gir is the famous place to see the Asiatic lions at National Park and Wildlife Sanctuary. So it attracts the large number of traveler from the whole India and worldwide. Visit Sasan Gir with your family and enjoy by watching these enormous lions other than Africa in their natural surroundings. You can feel thrill by watching these wild animal at very close look. Sasan Gir is far away around 43 kilometers from Junagadh. Sasan Gir covers 1412 kilometers square feet area. From that 258 kilometer area is come under protected wild life area declared by the former Nawab of the Junagadh state.

Sasan Gir is the place where Government attentiveness is become the proof to keep lion in safe heavenly place and bred them to balance the natural environment. Government make huge expense to make this place beautiful with flower plantation. So not only Sasan Gir, but other places of interest around the park like Kamleshwar Dham is also good place to visit. Our Sasan Gir portal provides you all the necessary details about online hotel booking in Gir, hotels in Gir National park and Gir forest resorts also. We have provide you all the details about various holiday packages like The Gir Jungle Lodge hotel is located at the entrance of National Park. It is hotel cum restaurant to provide facility of dining and staying for singles, couples and family also.

Our portal Sasan Gir provides you another budget hotels, cheap hotels, 3 star hotels and 5 star hotels list also. Now a days, Gir is one of the best tourist place, so the hotel business is fully developed. Hotels in Sasan Gir are developed in such a way that every attractive places are close, so the visitor can find and travel various places simply. One of them is The Fern Gir Forest Resort. This is the 5 star luxury resort in Sasan Gir. It provides villas, suites, cottages and tents with swimming pool, dinning, laundry service, gaming room and internet with Wi-Fi.

Other then Asiatic lions, there are so many wild life animals such as Carnivores, Mammals, Reptiles, Herbivores, etc. you will from close distance. This Sanctuary includes 300+ bird species also.


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