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Sasan Gir – famous as another home of Asiatic Lions other than Africa. Visitors can enjoy watching these gigantic lions wandering in forest along with their babies. It is real thrill to watch such wild animals so closely. Sasan Gir is spread over 1412 kilometer square area, amongst which 258 kilometer area is protected and declared as Sanctuary. Location of this park is 43 kilometers from Junagadh sasan gir. The efforts of government have resulted positively and numbers of lions are increasing day by day.

Our portal provides data regarding the hotels within the sasan gir, rubber-necking in and round the place and far a lot of handy and capable data for the holidaymaker. Gir hotels are terribly celebrated for their accommodation and welcome. Gir hotels are a cheap similarly as hotels in Gir have excellent standing. There are varied 5 star, budget & 3 star hotels in Gir and lots of hotels are developing in Gir. Hotels in Gir are developed in such the way that everyone the tourist attraction places and searching centers are close to by in order that the guests will travel simply. In Gir there are guests and holidaymaker coming back from everywhere the globe, they travel Gir for its engaging beauty, picturesque views and after all to examine the king of the jungle, lion.

Wild Life Other than Asiatic Lions, there are so many other wild animals as well as rare species of animals and birds. All such animals includes 300+ species of Birds, 2000+ species of Insects, 40 species of Reptiles and 38 species of mammals. All these animals – Carnivores, Herbivores, Mammals, Reptiles etc. live together in the Sasan Gir Forest and plays important role in the ecosystem.

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